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Things To Consider When Planning Your Elopement

You're doing it! You're actually planning to elope and have an intimate wedding! But... now what? Where do you start?

Now, I don't have a fancy binder of planning details like you can find at your local book store. BUT I will help you start to think about some important things.

Who are you inviting to your elopement?

Are grandparents coming? Small children? It's important to know who you would like to come with you on your wedding day as well as if they have any mobility issues! You can still have that adventurous wedding, but if you're inviting guests we want to ensure they all can watch you make your vows.

How many people are you inviting?

The amount of people you invite can help decide on your ceremony location. We have had elopements with only the couple, and we have had elopements with closer to 25 guests. Knowing the size of your entourage will make it easier to pick a location!

What's you and your partner's fitness level?

Let me make myself super clear on this one, FITNESS DOES NOT EQUATE TO SIZE. It's not about the size you are, more so what your body is comfortable doing. How far are you comfortable walking? Do you have bad knees where climbing may be difficult? Does incline affect your body differently? Being aware of your own limitations is super important, and we can help find bomb-ass locations for EVERYONE.

And lastly, what are you two going to wear?

If you already have your attire, knowing how well you can bend, and move is super important. If you're wearing something traditional like a sari you might not be comfortable doing a big hike. If you're wearing tight dress pants, it might be damn near impossible to climb much. Knowing your attire, or choosing proper attire is super important. Oh! ALSO Please please please bring alternative footwear if you would like to wear heals. Hiking books or good outdoor runners is super important not only for practicality but also for your safety!

That's it! Those are the main things I would really consider when planning you're elopement! And if you need any help finding locations, we love exploring and location scouting, so we will totally help you!

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