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5 Signs Your Heart Truly Wants to Elope

Here's the thing, Eloping usually doesn't even sound like a possible option for some people. They want their family there, they want to be supported and eloping means you do this in secret right?


Sometimes, couples just want the two of them and no one else, but for some, eloping just means you have the CLOSEST people there to celebrate you. No big parties where you're hosting, just a handful of people you trust to expose your heart to as you make a promise of a lifetime.

Are you ready to find out if your heart is trying to tell you to elope?

1. The Idea of Crowds Brings you ANXIETY.

Traditional weddings usually mean you are hosting hundreds of people, some you know super well, some you don't know that well, but it's just the polite thing to do is invite them. BUT thinking about all those eyes staring at you for the whole day isn't something that excites you. In fact, it might be something you friggen dread. If the idea of 'all eyes on me' is something that doesn't even tickle you with excitement, you may want to consider a more intimate wedding experience.

2. The 'Party' isn't something you ever desired of having.

Where are my introverts at?! The idea of a party never ever excited me when I got married. It was something that I feel like I HAD to do. By about 9:00 p.m. I was ready to just order a pizza, cuddle with my new husband, and reminisce about the day. The idea of hosting, making sure my guests are entertained, well fed, and are happy really isn't something some people want to do, and if you feel that way I totally empathize.

Y'all receptions aren't for everyone. And I'm here to say that IT'S OKAY. There are other option. Maybe just hanging around with a small group having a fire, some music, some drinks and maybe playing some games is more your speed - and let's just say with an elopement wedding, you can totally plan that.

NOW, I also know loads of people who want both: to have a wedding day all about them that's super personal with only their closest friends/family circle, but then party on an entirely different date where their full energy goes into celebration. (This is also a great way to compromise when your parents are so excited and want the whole world to celebrate with you. You get your intimate wedding day, they get the party.)

3. Traditional Wedding Planning Doesn't Spark Joy.

Are you treating wedding planning as a checklist like chores, or are you really enjoying planning all the details?

This takes some self-reflection, but honestly finding ALL the perfect vendors, your perfect location, staying in budget, figuring out colour palettes, and scheduling your day doesn't feel 100% you, why are you settling? You shouldn't have to settle about ANYTHING on your wedding day. This is a big milestone and it should be remembered with only joy, not stress.

I promise you, you don't have to settle. Picture your dream day, and then really go for it!

4. The Investment Doesn't Feel Worth it.

Weddings are not cheap. I mean you can totally thrift your way, do DIYs and put the work in to make it fit in your budget, but y'all it all adds up.

Hall rentals, decorations, catering, beverages, the list goes on and on. Majority of traditional weddings you are paying for your guest's experience. Making sure they're entertained, well-fed, enjoying their time, and for my people who love to host a good party, you may think this is totally money well spent! But for some, they see it as money that's taken away from them.

It's not selfish to think about you on your wedding day, at all. You're literally taking one day out of your life to focus on yourselves. Instead of paying for rentals, or feeding hundreds of people the idea of using that money to travel and to tie-the-knot in a scenic location really feels more of a better use of your hard-earned money.

5. You value experiences, more than things.

For my couples who love travelling, who don't want to buy things, but instead experience them, eloping could seriously be for you.

If you're the person who enjoys travelling, seeing the world, living in the moment, and using their money to experience life instead of collect and purchase things - why should your wedding day be any different? Have your day be another one of your adventures.

Now if you've read this and totally disagree with every thing I have said, or understand it, but it still doesn't appeal to you. Please have that big wedding. Do it, you will be soooo happy and it will be so beautiful! Stick to tradition!

But for those who read this and are starting to rethink their wedding plan, do some talking with your partner and see what you both want.

My biggest message I want to get across, is to not settle. Plan a day that is going to make you happy. Weddings shouldn't be stressful, so make sure you're planning a day that is true to you.

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