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MYTHS and MISCONCEPTIONS about Elopements

Elopements get such a bad wrap when they shouldn't. I have heard soooo many false and wrong ideas about eloping and we are hear to clear that shit up! Are you read? Let's go.

Eloping HAS to be just the couple.

No! This is the most common misconception. Old school elopements were running to the courthouse in secret, signing papers, and calling it a day. While, granted, some couples only want to do that, not ALL elopements are like that. We have photographed elopements where it was only the couple, the commissioner, and ourselves and we have photographed elopements with all immediate family and some friends. Eloping is an intentionally small wedding focused on the couple and not entertaining guests, so that can be a wedding with only 2 witnesses, or hell even 40!

You cheat your family out of a celebration.

Listen, Karen, why is that even a thing? (apologies if your name is Karen and you are not like this). Weddings shouldn't be about the parents, grandparents ever. It's ALWAYS about the couple and celebrating THEIR union-ship. You don't need a party to celebrate it and family can come to witness your day. Having an elopement means you're selecting the people who you trust completely and wholeheartedly who you couldn't imagine not being there on your special day.

You need to be adventurous to have an elopement.

Not always! I mean yes, if you're eloping and you're not wanting to spend money on the party and instead spend that travelling for your wedding day, but backyard weddings are just as beautiful and just as intimate as saying your vows on a mountain top. Eloping can be any location, with any small amount of people, with a couple of any size, stature, and legal age. Maybe your backyard isn't as adventurous as the rocky mountains, but if that's what you want, if that's what your heart wants to do, it will still be a beautiful gorgeous day, because it's authentically YOU.

Couples who elope aren't taking their wedding day seriously.

If you think this, you're dead-ass wrong. In fact, they're taking it so seriously that they don't want to entertain or have their day taken away from the unionship to focus on how kick-ass their reception is. People who elope genuinely care just as much if not more about their wedding day.

Couples who elope are selfish.

Why, when it comes to weddings, people think they have a right to say what the couple should pay for. Weddings are EXPENSIVE. Don't believe me? The average wedding in the prairies are in the $20k range. The average cost of a caterer is about $20/plate. If you're inviting 300 people to your event that's six grand right there. And then there's renting a hall, decorating it, hiring a DJ, your photographer/videographer, thank you gifts ETC. So unless your heart has always been like 'fuck yeah I want a big wedding'. Expecting a couple to spend that much if their heart isn't in it is selfish on your part to expect that from them.

So, in short, having an intimate small wedding or elopement:

  1. CAN have guests and family to witness the day

  2. Doesn't cheat your family out of a celebration

  3. Isn't always adventurous

  4. Is just as important as a large wedding

  5. Take their day as seriously as those who plan a big event

  6. AND LASTLY, aren't selfish.

And if you guys are planning a day and have people sticking their noses in business that's not there's, please let me be in your corner to vouch for you and your needs.

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