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5 MUST HAVES in your backpack for your Canadian Rocky Mountain Elopement

The Canadian Rocky Mountains (the mountain range on the Alberta and British Columbia border) is one my favourite places to be and photograph. There's a reason why there's so many National Parks in such a small area. I am going to go through what I think is some of the most important and essential things to have in your pack, or on your person.

Before we start we are going to assume that you have hiking boots, and are wearing the appropriate rain or snow gear and all this stuff is just extra.

1. Water, WATER, and more WAAAATER

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can bring with you, especially if it's one of those crazy hot days. Even if it's cold, you are still going to want to have a good amount of water on you. If you don't want to pack a few water bottles, look for a water bottle that has a filter system that cleans water where you can trick pretty much anywhere. Cabela's has some good options if that interests you!

2. Snacks!!!!

Now, I am not saying back a bag of chips or a chocolate bar (even though those are some dope-ass snacks) when you are hiking and are in the mountains you are going to want to make sure you have high-energy, high-protein foods to help fill you up and make you keep going. Things like nuts, protein bars, apples, jerky, cheese things that are nutritious, filling, and give you energy is very important. But please, also make sure you bring a baggy or a bag to throw your trash in and take it with you. There is no reason to litter ever, and if you see someone litter, ESPECIALLY in our natural parks, you have full permission to lecture them.

3. Extra pairs of SOCKS.

Cold toes, bloody toes, sore toes, wet toes, make sure your poor little piggies have a few options to be comfortable in. Bringing socks seems like a totally silly thing to pack, but trust me, no one enjoys walking around with soggy socks, so why would you do that hiking? In fact, I am a big believer in bringing three pairs. Whatever socks you do bring though, make sure they will fit in your boots or alternative footwear. Fluffy socks are wonderful, but are useless if you can't fit them in your shoes.

4. Portable First-Aid Kit

Y'all I know it seems silly to be over the top, but you are in nature where there are hazards and possibility to be injured and not have the ability to call for help. Make sure you have bandages, polysporin, disinfecting spray, band-aids, etc. is never a bad thing to have in your bag. You can actually buy wonderful small first-aid kits that are compact enough that it won't take away from your snack storage.

AND LASTLY, what I think is the most important item to have is....

5. BEAR SPRAY - Always

Even if you're at a popular tourist place that's busy, it's always good practice to have it on you, not just in your bag. When hiking it should be a quick enough grab where if in a situation, you're not searching and looking for it. Listen, we have been in situations where we have left bear spray at home, but if you ask your hotel or a local gas station, they will have recommendations on where to buy, but it's ALWAYS good to have. Even if you don't have bear safety badge, having bear spray and knowing how to use it can be crucial. There is other knowledge to have when it comes to wild animals, but having bear spray with you always is a good practice to start.

Please remember that no matter where you go in the Canadian Rockies or Canadian Wilderness that it's better to be prepared. Even if you don't find yourself using everything in your pack or on your person, it's better to have it and not use it than need it and not have it. And also, please pack clothes and wear proper footwear. Even if it's on your wedding day, it's better to have snowpants and a parka than get pneumonia and frostbite.

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