We're a husband and wife team who love to eat, love to travel, and who love to tell stories.

We are parents to a beautiful little girl and have a goal of renovating a motorhome so we can live on the road and see every national park in Canada and the USA.

We're your average cussing kind-hearted nerds who met in college, fell in love, and had a dream to start our own business.

BC Elopement Photographers
Western Canadian Elopement Photographer

I'm Aleah - Your Photographer

My name is Aleah I was born and raised in Saskatchewan. I am a small-town girl with a deep love for bodies of water and thunderstorms. 

I'm your elopement photographer who will keep gushing over how cute you are and tell you both how friggen hot you look while photographing the crap out of you!

I'm a huge Disney, Tim Burton and Harry Potter fan and I get wayyyyy too competitive. I love to laugh, but most importantly make others laugh. 

Western Canadian Elopement Videographer

I'm Terran - Your Filmmaker

Hey, I'm Terran. I'm your elopement video guy who usually stays quiet and hidden behind trees, or I'll be making the greatest Dad jokes of all time.

I work best when you don't know I'm around. Basically I like you to pretend I'm invisible, so nothing feels forced and you stay comfortable.

I'm a huge History nerd, I love playing video games, board games or some DnD, and I love a good Monty Python reference. 

TEAL isn't just a friggen sweet colour

TEAL comes from Terran's first two letters of his name and the first two letters of my name (Aleah).


Why is this important? Because it shows we are a team.

We create an experience together which is why you will never be able to just book one of us. We will provide as many memories as we can give you by capturing your unique wedding day at all angles!


Our personal values are our business' values.

And we believe all love should be celebrated.

We are about YOUR connection.

We are about YOU being in the moment.

We are about celebrating YOUR day as genuinely as possible.

We're your Elopement Photography and Videography team who will turn into the best friggen double-date you have ever had.

We're gonna capture your sweet sentimental moments, your belly laughs, and everything in between. If you want posed and perfect, that's not our thing, so we probably aren't the right team for you, and that's okay!

But if you're ready for the ultimate double-date experience, we're your new BFFs.

Mountain Elopements

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