Eloping doesn't have to be a dirty word.

Eloping should be an intimate wedding experience wherever you want with whoever you want.

Picture a day that's ALL about YOU.


Imagine a day that isn't about entertaining hundreds of people, but instead only involves the people who truly are closest to you. Maybe it's your parents, some friends, or maybe it's just the two of you and your dog.

Now, let's picture your DREAM location: is it on a mountain top, in front of a waterfall, somewhere warm, somewhere sentimental, or somewhere that's completely new?


Elopements are no frill, no fluff, just the focus on the two of you in your moment of pure bliss.

Eloping means not having a timeline or schedule that holds you back, but instead allows you to have a day at your pace to enjoy every moment. It's spending your day going on epic adventures, celebrating your love, and collecting some kick-ass memories along the way.

Marriage is a crazy journey, so why not start your journey off with an adventure?


what is an elopement?

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Terran + Aleah

Well hey there!

We are sooooo friggen stoked that you've wandered over to our site! My name is Aleah (I do most of the talking) and my husband's name is Terran and we are the humans behind TEAL!

We are located in a small town near the Saskatchewan and Alberta Border, but we travel and service intimate weddings all over Alberta, British Columbia and beyond. Although our home is in the prairies our hearts are always in the mountains.

We are an elopement photographer and videographer team that specializes in adventurous and intimate weddings in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Western Canada.

Our job is to really figure out who YOU are as a couple. We will guide you through this process of wedding planning and then bring that dream into a wedding day adventure you will never forget! 

Are y'all ready for one of the best days of your life?! Because we sure as hell are!

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